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Getting a Library Card

Sunday, June 18 2017 Views: 43

I am with my wife at a college trying to get library cards to a neighboring college, in the dream I think it may be Swarthmore. We were in the area for some other reason and stopped here afterwards. We get separated and I go into an office to talk to a man about getting my card. I show him our IDs and some kind of receipt with each. I am trying to remember why I want the card and think it may be for borrowing a book on or by Prince Emil. The man recommends that I wear a jacket when I go in to the library. I am surprised at this. I don't have one with me but think I can probably get in anyway. He gives the card to me but says my wife has to come in herself to get her card. I go out to look for her and someone says she's in the waiting room, where I find her. She is talking to a young woman in front of her about difficulties of getting the card. The woman says there are too many cards out there already.


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