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Church and soup

Sunday, June 18 2017 Views: 36

I'm at a unknown church pastor billups is speaking in front of all of us.We are in a church hall of some sort meant to hold large groups of people.I'm sitting at the table with my old pastor barker and my mother is also there.I'm eating some chicken rice soup that was passed around to everyone.I see a church listing showing the activities for today.Pastor barker thinks that pastor billups isn't a good preacher.I was reading pastor barkers mind is how I figured this out.Pastor barker begin passing out another type of soup that was a better quality.He offered me some but I said I had enough I was full.I'm standing in front of my mothers house on the side walk.When and old version of colin passed by with a small child.Colin presently is young in his mid twenties.As I stood there I cat eyes because I was a sorcerer.Colin went on his guard saying to himself once down the street.That you have to hide things from him because he's perceptive.


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