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Third World War and Ufos

Friday, May 6 2016 Views: 56

I am having a dream within a dream where I see flashes of a war involving ufos. Then I am in a bar and I know there is a third world war going on. I say to a group of people in the bar that I predicted that this would happen. I look outside and see that the planets are dying. There are ufos all over and they are spraying some type of substance. I am with my parents in America and we want to go back to Europe because it is safe there. But when we go to the airport they say that it is too late, no one is allowed to leave anymore.

Then time skips and I am inside an unfamiliar house. I run into an empty room and close all the windows and curtains in a hurry. I am trying to barricade the house so that whatever is out there can’t come in. But before I close the last window a man climbs through it and runs after me. I run downstairs to the kitchen (my kitchen in real life). I try to get a knife but he stabs me several times, mostly in my side. He then turns around and stabs a woman who I think is my mother but am not sure. She falls to the ground and sits up with her back to the door. He then tries to swing one last time but I jump upon his back and slit his throat. 

Additional Comments:

I've had a dream before where I saw ufos spraying some type of chemicals. A slit throat is also a recurring dream symbol.

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