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We aren't allowed on the warehouse roof

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Jill, my brother, Zack, Daniel, Blaise, maybe more people from my high school and childhood, and I were in Kayenta. Where the high school baseball field was an industrial area. High fences surrounded it. Somehow we got inside and to a warehouse.

I thought this was a bad idea but went anyway. We had to hide and wait for vehicles to leave. Once they did, we climbed on some ducts and used ladders to get to the roof of the warehouse. We walked around. I was nervous the whole time. Every time vehicles drove by, we had to duck and hide.

We went inside the warehouse, but there was nothing there, so we stuck to the roof. Not a lot was going on because the workday was over. A truck pulled up next to the warehouse. I said we should leave because they're going to do something with this warehouse.

We got down somehow. I said we should leave at different times so we're not seen as a group. I left. There was a slightly open gate I walked out. I was wearing my bright red Ferrari hat, so I took it off and hid it in my jacket. I realized I didn't have my phone, so I turned around.

Everyone was exiting the warehouse at once. One of them was holding my phone and said, "It's probably Alex's." I said it was. We left together and walked along the sidewalk. We walked by a flower planter. Jill started gagging, so I ran away. My brother stopped. I thought he was going to throw up. I thought they were nervous that someone was going to call the police.

I ran ahead and turned around. I saw a flatbed truck on the road (this road was like a town's main street, not a residential street near where the warehouse would be. It had four lanes). On the bed was a Bentley. I said, "Hey, look, there's an expensive car that doesn't work." I got my phone out and took a picture. Three people were in the car. Then a large convertible-type roof started going over the bed to cover the car.

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