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Raccoon in the gym

Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 55

Zack and I were in our high school but the age we are now. We entered the old gym. The lights were off. I was able to see a little bit. I saw a raccoon chasing another small animal on a ledge about 10 feet high.

The animals were squeaking. The raccoon was noisier. They weren't fighting; they were just playing. I thought it was strange since I'd never seen a raccoon here. I wondered if the school knew about them and if I should say something.

Zack said he had a key and could get me access to the gym anytime I needed. I said I was free the period after lunch, and he said he'd let me in. I don't know what I planned on doing.

We walked out the south doors and into the hallway. I saw Mike B. and said hi.

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