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Jill's friend talks to us after school

Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 46

Jill and I were outside a school as it was letting out. Lots of people were milling about and leaving. Someone she knew, who was our age, approached us and talked for a bit. I don't remember what they talked about.

Her friend said she had to go. She pointed with her thumb to a vehicle behind her. A car in front started to pull out. I thought the driver thought she was signaling she needed a ride. She got in the car she pointed to. The car looked like a Honda Element with bigger windows.

It was chilly outside, so I had my arms crossed. I let them down to walk, and Jill grabbed my hand. She noted how warm it was. I said that was because I was keeping it in my armpit.

Additional Comments:

Jill is my girlfriend. Her friend was an ambiguous, imaginary woman.

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