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Mean teacher

Tuesday, September 12 2017 Views: 45

I was at school, my last class finished for the day and it was time to go home. My friends (from secondary school) were waiting for me. I saw they all had their violins, in green cases just like mine. I decided to go and get mine. The next class had started but I tried my best to not disturb them. I grabbed my violin but remembered other things I needed to get. I had to go past a guy called Zach (I know him from primary school but I do not speak to him) to get to my desk. My hands were very full so I asked an unfamiliar friend who was standing up to get my make-up bag for me ao I could leave. Suddenly the teacher got annoyed at me. She told me it was very rude to ask the girl to get my makeup and that I had gone past Zach's desk which was also rude. She started being really mean amd snarky about it. I got upset and left the classroom. My friends had gone but my mum waa waiting for me. I sat on the floor and told her how mean the teacher was to me. Zach came out to me and apologised for the teacher, he hugged ans comforted me. This is when I realised we were dating in the dream. He gave me a kiss and my mum raised her eyebrow because she didn't know he waa my boyfriend. He decided to skip the rest of class and go home. Outside my mum's car was there and so was my sister's car. She had the kids with her. I asked my mum to drop Zach to his house. The outside was a vague setting of my primary school. I hugged Zach bye and went in to my sisters car.

Additional Comments:

It has been a recurring thing for people to suddenly be mean to me in my dreams. They don't yell, they just say mean things. This teacher also said mean stuff. However, this time after leaving I was comforted by someone which was surprising.


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