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The race

Wednesday, September 13 2017 Views: 40

I was competing in an all women race. The race runs through several places hooked up with cameras for the audience to see us. For majority of the rac I was first place, far ahead of everyone else. Eventually a few caught up to me. I was speaking with another race member, we were supporting each other. Even though it was a competition, I was very friendly with the other girls. One girl eventually passed me towards the end, my friend and I tried to push ourselves to beat her but she made it to the end a second before us. I ended up coming third. The finish line was at a ceremony hall so the audience werr cheering and the winner was immediately crowned. All the racers went to give her a hug and congratulate her. The dream skipped ahead to the after party in the ceremony hall, we all changed into nice dresses. My dress was long and white, similar to a wedding gown. During the party wedding music began to play, I looked to the stairs and saw a guy at the top, this guy was my fiance. I was so shocked, he was there with an officiant and we got married right there. The girls had helped arrange it and told me to wear the dress. I was so happy,I didn't care at all I lost the race.

Additional Comments:

I have never seen the fiance before. This is the happiest I've seen myself in a dream. Even though I didn't place first in the race it was as if I had any, the entire dream was filled with positive vibes, something that is very different to other dreams I have had lately. I was very in love with the fiance in the dream.

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