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Lucid Intent
Friday, August 11 2017 Views: 91

I am the young heir of the throne. My Mother the Queen is the ever growing tree of prosperity and life. My father was a powerful King who fell into corruption in his final years. I feel proud of my lineage and I boast about it. I am interviewed by someone, I feel gifted by my parents. I tell the person my interests. I am a simple man. I see what i see and I kill our enemies for our kingdom. I have two pets. A snake named Servant Meretzes and the other, is constantly changing its form, the only thing I know for sure is Servant is male and the other is female. Servant speaks to me. I can hear him when I stare at him in his habitat. He guides me philosophically. He is a great friend. I can't remember the other pet's name. She might have been a dog at this point, or a spider. She doesn't speak much, but she fills me with optimism. She is in love with Servant. The years pass. The queen grows older but not weak. Yet I still ascend as the one King. Servant is my advisor. My court is small and I trust no one human. Our kingdom grows divided. I push for imperialism. I push to conquer. I grow strong and intimidating. I am fatally wounded in battle and feel myself slipping away. I might be dead. I feel like a dream. I don't know who I am. I wander through worlds. Old worlds, and the modern world. I see memories. Trains, music, friends. I see Servant. He is a withered old man stalking the fields of philosophy. The world is dark and barren. Travelers are afraid of him. I wake up in a garden. I am under a beautiful, huge tree. Branches are falling off. I was apparently revived by my mother. She is severely weakened. So much time has passed. The kingdom is in chaos. My pets are kidnapped. I attempt to show the people I am alive and well. They don't want me. They try to kill me. I flee. So much time has passed. New technology. Societies. Planets. I get new identity. I get my head shaved. I convince someone to help me. I think this person already knew who I was. She was so willing to help. I can't remember her. We fly to another planet. My pets are being held in a lab. There are so many animals in there. I don't know why they are there, the scientists didn't mean harm but there were experiments. We pass by a farm. I can hear Servant. He tells me he is there and I must save him. The farm is abandoned and cluttered with trash. There is a psycho hillbilly. I shoot him without a second thought. Servant isnt here. I cant hear him. I see a shadow of an old man laying on a sword. At the lab. I request to see Servant and his mate. They question why I'm interested in them. I use a color coded signal from my eyes to control them. No questions, just give them to me. Servant looks older. The other, she is a butterfly now. She misses everyone and Servant. My mind control only lasts for a little bit. My companion wants to save all the animals. I tell her we dont have time. She says it isnt a choice. She causes a power outage. This gives me time to hack into their computers. A scientist sees me and questions me. It feels like the interview. I am halfway through hacking. He asks me how me and the girl are able to do everything we've done. I say I've been guided by a great teacher, Servant Meretzes. He says he won't stop me, but Servant Meretzes is a bartender in New York. You can try to trick me but I have what I want. We leave. I look at the information on our ships computer. I'm happy we rescued Servant. with his help I'll take back my kingdom. I read things that don't make sense. Servant Meretzes dies in a natural disaster in new york. He was a bartender. The snake is placed in high level security at the lab. He brought a King to power and darkness. What? My father? I remember the interview. My answers are different. A giant snake sitting in a chair. I enjoy killing. I regret being born from my mother and father. I stalk the fields of philosophy. I rest on a black sword. I'm convinced the snake is the devil. He is not who he says he is. He manipulates. I wont let it happen to me. I go where we are holding them in our ship. I can't bear to tell the butterfly, she loves him. Servant stares at me. I stare at him. I lose control. I am a withered old man. I stalk the fields of philosophy. I rest on my black sword. The world is dark and barren.


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