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Dad & T

Sunday, June 18 2017 Views: 57

I was walking in the alley way in St Louis Park when I came upon my Dad's house.  I cut through the yard to get to his deck.  I walked up onto his deck and inside I saw a bunch of people sitting around his kitchen table.  T was there.  And my Dad was sitting beside him in his wheelchair.  I knocked on the glass window but I saw that they were struggling to see who I was.  So, I slid open the screen door and then the glass door.  T looked up at me and I said "Hi T!!"  I was so excited to see him.  My Dad sat beside him.  I went over and sat by my dad.  Our heads came together, both of our heads down, touching forehead to forehead, then temple to temple.  I carressed the back of his head with my fingers and I said  quietly "Dad, I miss you so much."  (My Dad passed away in 1986 - complications from MS/septic shock)

The next dream I am driving with a large soda in my hand when I went to take a turn, I was only able to turn with one hand and I ended up going over a curb  onto someone's lawn and then back down on the road again.  That's when I saw a police officer in his car.  I thought oh shit!  He turned on his lights and approached me and pulled me over.  I explained to him what had happened, that I was holding my soda and had just one hand to make my turn.  He had me sit in the back of his squad car and he drove me over to a place which looked a lot like the shopping center I used to go to when I was young.  I sat in a chair next to another officer while the officer that picked me up went someplace.


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