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No Team PING

Saturday, August 12 2017 Views: 49

August 12, 2017  8:05 AM, pdt
"No team PING."  Just me, and no others rallying around to make up a full team for this tournament.  My family is Ping, and we have always entered a team before this time.  I look around.  Suddenly it's announced that two other teams from our area have been disqualified as being below the new points required for entry.  I move to their location hoping to gather enough players to fill out my team.  My point score is not very high, but the best players who want to stay for the games should be able to fill out a team that meets with the new qualifications.   But NO, all the others gather up their things and begin to depart without protest.  It has been the habit for team PING to gather members from the unclaimed entrants who come to the rally to fill out its roster.   HERE is where I wake up. 
As I wake and get ready to rise, my mind mulls over the thought that it is going to take more planning than just being in the right place at the right time to be in the games from now on.


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