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Hole in the Ground/Young Robert Englund with little dog/kiss

Lucid Intent

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Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 58

I was walking up our driveway after a walk, the day is sunnyn and bright. Our garage is open, it really shouldn't be, and it is 

filled to the brim with metal-looking objects that I don't recognize.  More of the same is between 

the garage and the fence that separates our house from the next-door neighbor's.  


Near the stump of an apple tree, I see a black man in Army fatigues digging a hole.  When the 

hole is deep enough, he pulls out bricks with rope tied to the holes in them, like links of sausage. 


I watch for awhile, then go into the house, walk into my living room, and sit in a blue cloth 

recliner.  I see a man who looks like a young Robert Englund (from either the mid or late 1980's; 

I remember those glasses).  He's wearing a beige sport shirt, open at the neck, and beige pants 

and carrying a snall gray dog.  I must be out-of body and lucid dreaming at the same time.  


He comes into the living room and places the dog in my lap, like a baby.  She's on her back, with

her head toward my knees and her feet against my stomach.  The dog looks exactly like the 

yellow/copper eyed Chihuahua-mix that lived a couple of houses up from us, but had been male; 

this one is female.  The dog didn't bark, but squirmed as if not liking being held like a baby.  I 

had been tickling and making over her.  I turned her to a sitting position on my lap, away from 

me, so she could see her master.  I could feel her little claws through my jeans as I kept petting 

her smooth coat.


Robert smiled at me, happy that I was so in love with that dog, that he leaned down and kissed 

me on the lips several times, but just briefly.  I could feel his lips, which were slightly wet. 

Soon, I was lying on the floor, and he was standing over me, smiling.  I don't see the dog 

anymore, he must have let her out to "take care of business".  He knelt down on the floor beside 

me and kissed me again.  The brief kisses were driving me crazy, so when he did it again, I 

deepened and lengthened the kiss, even running my tongue over his lips and lifting a corner of his

mouth with my tongue, stroking his neck and hair as I do. I both heard and feel him moan, feeling the 

 vibrations against my mouth.


Before anything else can happen, the scene changes and I am in the kitchen.  Another version of

Robert, this time from about 10-15 years ago, sits at the head of the table, and we are talking.  

He is wearing a black muscle shirt, necklace, bracelet, and black jeans.  He asks me how I like 

so-and-so, but I don't hear the name ; I "know without knowing" that he is talking about the guy 

that looks like the younger version of himself.  It must not have really been him, just someone 

who *looks* like him.  I tell him that we are just friends, nothing more.  I can tell by the look on 

his face and the way he's laughing that he knows about the kiss.  I felt sort of embarrassed 

that he knew.

Additional Comments:

I am having a lucid dream and OBE in this one. I saw the inside and outside of my house the way it looks in real life. I am not sure why the soldier was digging the hole, or why there was metal in our garage or by the fence, but I *do* know why I dreamed the rest of the things. The couple (I can't remember their names) who lived a couple of houses down from us until a month ago had a little Chihuahua-mix named Dewey. He used to love to come down and see us and sit on the porch or in a chair, and the lady would come up to talk to us, too. He was a rescue dog and was mistreated, so we had to be very careful about how we introduced ourselves, so that was why the dog in the dream reacted that way. This is also how some mothers introduce my mother and I to their babies, just hand them right to us, as Robert just handed me the dog in the dream. We would hold the babies, turning them so they could see their mothers. When the couple moved, the wife was 4 months pregnant. I always thought it was strange how the dog never barked, in the dream and in real life. The dog who had lived there before, a black Shih-Tzu/poodle named Harley, never barked either, and both they and Chihuahuas are notorious for yapping. I had been listening to the Stephen King novel, Needful Things before going to bed that night; maybe that's what caused the dream, too. I laughed my butt off at some of the stuff, but felt bad when poor little Raider got killed. My mom and I have a few enemies, too, but we wouldn't even think of doing the things in that book; they scared me, and I know that God will get vengeance on them some day. I am a fan of Robert Englund and sometimes have dreams about him. I have seen guys who looked like a younger version of Robert. Isn't that strange?!

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