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My Teacher, Robert Englund Part I

Lucid Intent

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Friday, December 5 2003 Views: 57

I am my present self and in high school, but the classroom is the one I had in Kindergarten.  


I am not walking the halls of my elementary school, but have "just appeared" in the room.  This 

happens to me sometimes in my lucid dreams.


I can see the little playstations (rice table, sand table, listening station, reading, housekeeping), 

the desks where we sat, the closets, the gallon cardboard ice cream cartons where we stored 

our stuff, and especially the little blow-up dolls over the blackboard that had a letter on their 

chests.  My favorite was  "Mr. M" because I liked marshmallows.   The year is either 1980 or 81.


As I look around, other kids come in and we stand around talking.


Robert comes in and he looks very much like he did in 2003.  He is wearing a black muscle shirt, 

jeans, necklace, bracelet, and tennis shoes.  It is "circle time".  He motions for us to sit in a 

circle around his chair. He's sitting in front of the blackboard, in front of a red calendar with 

"December" and the days in black letters and numbers.  A few kids fight to sit on either side of 

him, but I am just content to sit with my back against the legs of the desk with my knees drawn 

up to my chest, facing him; he is wearing reading glasses.  I'm not sure what story he is reading.


It is later in the day.  He is sitting at his desk, grading papers.  I can see my name on my desk, 

written on a white card, taped to my desk; we are doing some kind of math problems.  A girl 

starts singing and others join in.  Robert looks up from his work.  Instead of being irritated as 

another teacher would have been, he joins in!  I can't remember what song they were singing, 

but it was odd and I'd never heard it before.  Everyone starts singing and dancing with everyone 

else, but I don't join in.  I'm not feeling very well and go to another part of the room. No one 

notices that I am gone. That happened to me a lot at school, being ignored.

Additional Comments:

Kindergarten-2nd grade were really great for me, but 3-6 were pretty bad. I tried to get the teachers and kids to like me, but they bullied me over one thing or another: my stutter (I got over it a few years ago), being fat (ditto), being stupid, my parents not being rich or big shots on the PTA, my parents being older than other kids' parents, etc. Or just as bad, they flat-out ignored me or gave me dirty looks. Junior high was better, but when high school rolled around it started up again. Not the kids, but teachers, two of them in particular: my gym teacher and US History teacher. The other kids hated them, too, and tried to get them fired for one thing or another. Maybe my dream was trying to tell me to try to forget, but it's very hard to do.

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