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Wrong Order

Tuesday, September 12 2017 Views: 65

Something about a massive delivery made to me. It was among other deliveries that were equally gigantic. The items were laid down in rows with some kind of separator. I am shocked and dismayed by it, as I wonder if I was going to have to pay for all this stuff.

In the dream I had ordered a few things on line. I wonder if I somehow accidentally ordered all the other items. I forget what all of the stuff was, but there was so much of it, like, 10 yards of stuff, and one of the things I remember were these metal seats, like the kind you would affix to a ferris wheel. They were in a large cardboard box and had a photo of a man and a girl enjoying a ferris wheel ride. I certainly didn't intentioanlly order such a thing.

I also find this white puppet which I think was supposed to be a poodle, and I rather like it, even though it was among the things I definitely did not intentioanlly order.

I go to find someone in charge of the area where everyone was picking up their orders, as they had to be signed for.

I forget if I ever solved the issue. The order must have come up to thousands of dollars, and there was no way I could pay for it.



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