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Should I go all the way? / Tall bike

Sunday, March 19 2017 Views: 75

Wake: 5:58 am

A guy and a girl were alone in a classroom. He locked the door after them as they went in. The room wouldn't be used anymore for the day, so they had until 6 pm, around four hours. They lay down next to each other and he started kissing her. They were toothbrushes, so I overlapped their bristles. He wasn't sure if he should go all the way, or if she wanted it. He decided it would be safe to undress her a bit and do some touching.

As he started to undress her top, he thought about how he wanted to fuck her. She had wanted it too actually, and had been waiting. They did have four hours alone in the room after all, and it was locked too. He wanted her all naked, which seemed like a dominating situation, because he would still be all clothed. However, she glanced up at the small square window on the door, and felt too paranoid about being seen to continue.


The girl took a substance with the pretense of having a positive outcome from it, I don't recall what. Unfortunately, she started mutating, developing lizard skin, and her body transformed as well into a much less feminine form. The boy suddenly lost his desire to have sex with her, and was instead quite lost for words, trying not to say anything to offend. She was already distraught as it was.

As it seemed there was no apparent way to reverse her condition, she became more accepting of her appearance, growing more comfortable in her own skin, so to speak. Later, they were playing on a video game and she had some fire breathing powers as well.


I had reached my destination, and was coming to a stop. The place was quite crowded, so I was carefully navigating my bike through the narrow unoccupied spaces. I leaned it against a shelf, but realized I was really high up.

I could see some of my friends lounging about down below, but no one came to help me. I leaped down in steps, first onto a higher ledge, then onto a lower one until I eventually reached the ground. I realized how high the seat post was now, it must have been at least twice my height.

Additional Comments:

When I woke up, I was still thinking of the Polish dream. It took me a while to remember that I had had other dreams.

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