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Broken face and space dog

Thursday, March 16 2017 Views: 255

1.1. I had a Y-shaped scar in the middle of my face and no nose. The scar was obviously old and I had learned to cope – breathed through my mouth and even managed to talk in a weird voice that sounded like a loud whisper. Then I got plastic surgery to restore my face. Before it I felt dubious as I had got used to living with my broken face. Afterwards I saw myself from aside – I was near the sea, dressed in a black tulle dress and my face looked like Sharon den Adel’s. I was laughing, so I guess I was happy with it.  



1.2. Upstairs room in gran’s house. My godfather was a stereotypical mad scientist and he had sent a Yorkshire terrier into space to a planet that he believed held intelligent life. We sat on the floor and watched the dog’s space adventure on a laptop.

First, we got the view of the planet’s night side and saw cities illuminated by electric lights. The continent looked like Europe – the shapes of Spain and Italy were right, but there were four big separate islands where the UK is. My godfather beamed the dog down on one of them and it landed in a parking lot of what looked like a very ordinary airport. The inhabitants of the planet looked like ordinary people, although they spoke a strange language, but even their voices were ordinary. One man dressed in a suit pulled a wheeled suitcase past the dog, glancing at it for a moment with no interest and hurried on.

My godfather was really excited and said that he could go there himself and send people there. I argued that if we just appear there and start telling we’re from another planet, they’d just assume we’re their own people, but not right in the head, and we’d end up in a mental asylum.


2. I was travelling to the Capital with Kiddo and we got lost midway. It was a sunny day and we walked through a pine forest and came across the Mushroom café. I looked for somebody to ask for directions. Before we reached the main building, a young blonde woman came out on the porch – she was very tall, but didn’t have hands or feet. She had prostheses on her wrists that looked like coiled springs and allowed her to walk on them. She had blue jumpsuit on and I could see stitch marks on her ankles where her skin had been pulled and stitched together after amputation, and I wondered what had happened as she was obviously not born like this.

She was smiley and welcoming, and I asked her for directions. As she was so tall, I didn’t have to bend down to talk to her, besides she was standing on the steps. She said we’re close to the river and could take a submarine to Capital, and waved her leg in the direction of a weird metal and rubber contraption, something like a cross between a gray life raft and a coffin on wheels.


3. No recognisable setting, just a white empty room. I’m trying to talk an unfamiliar young man out of suicide. I’m very close to him, practically in his face, pleading with him not to do it, saying that he is important. He has vitiligo with the middle of his face paper white and the rest dark tan colour, the edge of the spot is rippled; it looks like he is surfacing out of brown water. He has a piercing in his left nostril – a thin silver ring. He has closed his eyes and turned his head slightly not to look at me. Tears are streaming from beneath his closed eyelids; they have a silvery, sparkly quality.

Additional Comments:

Work is picking up, so these have been dreamed in short 3-4 hour naps over the last three days. The dreams also are getting influenced a bit by my work.

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