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The Pursuit

Monday, July 17 2017 Views: 116

I was searching for someone, hunting them across the world. The reasons for the pursuit was unclear to me. I just knew I had to find her. The safety of the world depended on me and my group finding this woman.
We tracked her to a house, but when we arrived, the house was old and collapsed. It looked like no one had lived there for years. As we searched the house, we discovered a hidden area under some stairs. This area led to a panic room, but the passage get lower and lower to the point where we had to crawl. We lost our way because there were different ceiling slants running in different directions, so it was really confusing. The two people with me started to panic, but I calmed them down, explaining how the slants work. I had experience with these kind of panic rooms, so I was able to guide us out.
Once we were out of the slant maze, we were confronted by a security officer. He had gotten a notification that someone had breached the panic room passage, and came to investigate. While we were talking to him, he received a phone, and handed me the phone, saying that it was for me. 
It was her. The one we've been searching for. She knew we would eventually find the place, so she kept an eye on it. She mocked me for not being able to find me, and assured me that I never would, since I didn't even know who or what I was chasing.
After she hung up, I got an idea. I asked the security officer to check if anyone had built a house with a similar layout, which included the same panic room and slant maze. He found one, and gave us it's coordinates. It was in another country, maybe even an island.
The dream skips to this new location. A beach area. Upon arrival, we were ambushed by a large group of security officers, who seemed to move in unison. They even spoke in unison, and moved to attack us. I wondered how she was doing it. Psychic control? Some kind of tech?
One of my companions stepped forward, and unleashed a wave of telekinetic energy into the sand, causing a sand tsunami to hit the controlled guards. I was surprises. I had no idea he could do such a thing. The tsunami took out many of the guards, but the rest were still coming. We had to fight the rest. During the fight, we soon realized that they weren't just people, but cyborgs.
It was then I remembered what I was chasing. It wasn't a woman, but instead an artificial intelligence. We managed to take out all the guards, only to discover that she has more tricks up her sleeve. Aside from being able to build and control cyborgs, she is also able to manipulate the minds of people. She had obviously messed with my mind, erasing vital information about her identity, and now she was mind controlling my companions. They turned on me in an instant, and I had to subdue them somehow.
The fight moved to an area where there was a lot of fire. Or rather fireplaces. The fires were in a controlled state, and most of it were merely glowing coals. Only one of my companions were still active, and during our fight, I remembered more of the story. It seemed like the more of her minions I destroyed or incapacitated, the more her grip on my memory faded. 
I remembered how she works. She has split herself into many pieces, and everyone she was able to control carried with them one of these pieces. I also remembered that she had constructed for herself an android body, which she kept completely separated from these pieces. That way, if I destroy her body, she can still survive. As long as one of these pieces exists, she can rebuild herself.
I also knew that the piece this girl, the last of my companions, who was trying to kill me, was the last remaining piece. If I could destroy this piece, I could destroy the AI. Problem was, I was beat up, and this girl was getting the best of me. I had to try and get through to her, find something powerful enough to break through the hold the AI has on her.
This girl grew up without a father. She had no idea where he was, but I knew. Another piece of my memory returned at just the right time.I knew where he was because I had found him with the help of the AI. When I told her what I knew, she started hesitating. I told her I can take her to him, and after a time, she became herself again.
Once she did though, the AI in her separated body appeared, and went for the girl. The girl then took something out of her pocket, and as the AI grabbed her from behind, she threw it at me. It was the last piece that needed to be destroyed. These pieces are notoriously hard to destroy though. The only thing I could think of was burning it with coals. But, pressure was also needed, so I grabbed a handful of coals, and pushed down on the piece as hard as I could. 
The AI was already charging towards me, but as I slammed down on the piece, she stumbled, and crashed into a wall. As the piece started to melt, I could see terror in the AI's eyes. It was experiencing something it never though it would. Something it had been trying very hard to prevent. Death.
As the light went out of her eyes, I pointed at her with a finger. "I've got you now", I said, and she was gone.
Once she was dead, my memory returned completely. It was I who created the AI in the first place. I wanted to create a system that could do everything for me. For some reason she was unable to control me fully, so she erased the memory of who and what she was. If I had access to that information I could have easily tracked her, so this was the only way she could escape.
Someone asked me if I would try and create another AI, and learn from my mistakes. "No", I said. "I think it's better to just do things myself."


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