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Me & I

Monday, June 19 2017 Views: 56

The first part of this dream is a little hazy, but I know I was tasked with finding a way to turn a human being into a chocolate fountain. Not sure how that would even work, but it doesn't really matter, as things quickly move on from there.  
The world I lived in was a dangerous one. A world of magic, heroes, and a whole lot of nasty things that want nothing more than to gobble you up as a crunchy snack. So, I had to prepare. On my many implied pre-dream travels, I had come across a special dagger. Light weight, nimble, and filled with magical properties. It was my weapon of choice, next to all my innate superhuman abilities.
On this particular day, I had some business in a rather shady tavern, and wanted to make sure I couldn't be taken prisoner by any of them. I had acquired a set of handcuff keys, which I hid on my person. Somewhere under my skin, so I would have it handy no matter what. Something went wrong though, and I lost the key. It fell down into the cracks in the wooden floor of the tavern. 
The tavern was filled with undesirables. Men who would kill you for smelling funny. Even with all my abilities, I would be unable to take on more than a few of them. So, I decided to use stealth instead. I snuck in under the floorboards, and made my way to where the key fell. I had to crawl around on my stomach, since there was very little space. When I got close, one of the men spotted me. He also spotted what I was going for. He immediately ripped up the floorboard, and grabbed the key. Then he came after me. This, of course, drew the attention of the other patrons, who quickly turned on me too. I pulled my knife, and defended myself. I managed to fight them off for a while, but somehow one of them got my knife from me, and had me cornered. 
With my knife gone, I was forced to use other means of defending myself. Which was a problem. At this point, maybe they would just injure me to teach me a lesson, but it was a well known fact that in this place, with these people, nothing was hated more than magic. If they saw me use it, they would surely kill me. But, he had my knife, my most prised possession. I had to get it back. I cast an incendiary spell on the man's arm. The one in which he was holding my knife. Usually this spell would destroy his arm completely, but for some reason it seemed to have a diminished effect. The pain still seemed normal though. He screamed in agony, but somehow kept his grip on the knife. I could sense that the atmosphere had changed drastically. They all turned on me now, drew weapons, and came for me. I was done for.
Then a blur came through the door, hit me head on, and I found myself moving through the streets of the city at enormous speeds. When I gathered myself, I saw that I had been rescued by a good friend. Me. Not me, as in myself, but Me from Doctor Who lore, played by Maisie Williams.
She was pretty much the most powerful being I knew, and immortal to boot. I told her that I had lost my knife, and I had to get it back. She cast a quantum entanglement spell on me and the man who took it, all while maintaining this incredible speed spell which enclosed us both. What a gal!
The spell works by linking myself and this man in a quantum resonance field, causing everything that happen to him, to happen to me. As if that wasn't complicated enough, she had to modify it to entangle my present state to that of the thief's state a few minutes in the past. Amazing!
First I felt the adrenaline from the fight, then the murderous intent. I was taken aback by the level of hatred he felt towards me. What an evil guy! Next thing that happened was the dagger appearing in my hand. I had gotten it back. Then I realized what came next. The incendiary spell. 
Me told me that it needed to run it's course, and that it would be bad, but if we both applied healing spells to it at the same time, it won't cost me my arm. The pain came like a tsunami. I could hardly focus on casting the spell. Me, of course, was more than up to the task. In case you've lost count, that's 3 high end spells at the same time. Again...what a gal!
As my arm burned, together we quenched the fires, moving focus from place to place where the pain was worst. This explained why my initial spell didn't work as expected. It was entangled with Me's quantum spell, and being healed by our future selves. Soon the pain eased, and I could finally claim my knife with my other hand.  
My joy was short lived though, as we now faced another threat. Giant spiders. Me was taking me to her hideout, perhaps trap street I guess, but to get there, we had to zip past miles of hostile terrain. These spiders were a force to be reckoned with. Somehow they were moving as fast as we were, and did a fine job of blocking our way, no matter what we did. Me then cast yet another spell to help us out. A lure spell. It lured all the spiders to one position, while we slipped through behind their backs.
Finally we stopped. We were in front of a large, heavy door. For the first time I could relax and gather myself. Me started picking the lock on the door. The lock was of her own design, and was so complicated that she's the only one with enough skill to pick it. It was also guarded against magic, so really she was the only one able to use the door. I asked if she could tutor me in the art of lock picking, since I've been struggling with it. She agreed.
When we stepped through the door, I was amazed at what I saw. If the tavern was a pit of evil, this place was the opposite. An open aired courtyard with tables, and counters, and all sorts of merchants selling magical items, familiars, and everything you can imagine. This was my kind of place. The people all seemed good, and interesting. After a terrible ordeal, Me & I were home.


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