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Bucolic Lucidity

Lucid Intent
Thursday, June 15 2017 Views: 127

I was under the employ of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. I was his assistant, which meant doing menial jobs for him like bring him coffee and the like. He had to make an oversees trip, and I got to go with him. Upon arrival, we met up with Oliver Queen, AKA Green Arrow. He was ordering me around, expecting me to serve him as I do Bruce. I told him that I work for Bruce and not him. He seemed indignant about it, but he soon faded from focus.
We arrived at a luxury yacht, which served as our accommodation. Soon we were joined by several other people, and I became aware that I wasn't actually working for Batman, but an actor who was to portray him in a movie, and we were really on location for a shoot. The actor was unknown to me, and also soon faded from focus. At this point, there were about 7 to 10 people on the yacht. We were inside, in a lounge area, when a woman approached me, and started asking me about the actor, and the set we were to shoot on. There were also a few kids running around, and there was an interaction between us involving a security blanket, which I can't seem to remember clearly.
The woman then took my hand, and started talking about palmistry. She stroked the various lines on my hand, as she explained what they represented. It was at this point that I became aware of just how striking she was. I Don't put a lot of stock in palmistry, but I was enthralled by her presence and charisma. This was what woke me up. I became aware of the dream, and lucidity kicked in.
In past lucid dreams, I got burned by trying too much too fast. I would immediately begin messing with physics, or try something impossible like move through a wall or fly, which would wake me up. So, I decided to take things slow, and simply observe. As soon as I made that decision, people no longer interacted with me directly. I simply listened to their conversations, none of which I can remember, and reveled in the details of my dream.
I was sitting on a couch, and ran my hand on the material. It felt completely real. I could feel the fibers underneath my fingers. I wiggled my bare toes on the carpet, and watched as my feet made indentations. Since everyone seemed preoccupied with each other, I decided to explore a bit. When I went outside, I saw that I was no longer on a yacht, but in a big house in the countryside. I knew I was in another country. It reminded me of Italy. I've never been, but that's the sense I got. 
There were people everywhere. The house was surrounded by a low fence. The kind you'd typically find on a farm. The scenery was amazing. Rolling hills, farmlands all around, and mountains in the distance. The sun was shining, and I could feel the heat of it on my face. On an adjacent farm, I saw workers. They were harvesting something. It looked like sugarcanes. A few men came from behind me, and climbed over the fence to help out the workers. They all seemed so content.
I then started to become aware of my body as it slept in bed. I could hear the ocean (I live right next to the ocean), and I knew it was near morning because I could hear the penguin cries as they woke up (we have a penguin colony near my house). I felt myself start to wake up, but I wasn't ready to leave my little lucid paradise. I refocused my mind, and forced myself deeper into this world again. 
Then I was in a bathtub, naked and relaxed. The water was a perfect temperature, and it felt so good to just lie there. I now had a clear sense of both my dream self, and my real self. Oddly enough, the two didn't seem to cause any sort of paradox. It was like having two bodies at the same time. I was so relaxed that I spent a few minutes just soaking in the tub. The longer I soaked, the more solidified my dual state seemed to become. 
After a while, I wanted to see what was beyond the bathroom door, so I got out, and simply decided that I am now dry. I spread my arms, and willed some clothes on myself...although all I could manage was underwear. I headed through the door into a hallway. There were still a lot of people around, all still ignoring me just the way I wanted. Down the hallway, I came across a kitchen. On the stove there was something cooking. I could smell it clear as day. Mine meat. I decided to be a little more daring, and try to remove the lid from the pot without touching it. It worked, and the lid just floated there in mid air. I gently sat it down, being too afraid to do something radical, in fear of waking up. Truth is, I never wanted to wake up. This was too awesome.
I wanted to go outside again, so I headed for the nearest door. There was a young man standing near it wearing shorts. As I passed him, the hem of his shorts brushed against my leg. Such a small interaction, and yet I felt it, and it felt completely real.
Outside was amazing. It was getting dark, and there was a slight chill in the air. Not uncomfortable, but I could feel it on my skin. The view was spectacular. The sky was orange as the sun had just set against a backdrop of mountains, hills and trees. I stepped out onto lush grass, and felt the blades stick through the spaces  between my toes. I wiggled them, and couldn't help but smile at the accuracy of the experience. There were fallen leaves on the grass, and as I walked over them, I felt them crunch underneath my feet. 
I heard a rooster in the distance, and thought it strange that a rooster would crow in the evening. I realized that what I was hearing was happening in the real world. It was morning, and I knew I would have to leave this place soon...then I did.

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