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The Cure

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Sunday, September 3 2017 Views: 74

Time: 11: 47 PM – 5:30 AM

An epidemic had happened somewhere in Earth and it is left uncontained, turning it into an outbreak. The virus behind this turns people into vicious crystallized monsters which purpose is to spread the virus. The cure is composed of milky white liquid from a coconut and can only be found on Earth’s Moon in the dark side.

I found myself on a futuristic spaceship with Juni Cortez (from 2001’S Spy Kids) as we were sent to Earth’s moon, which is odd as Earth is having a Moon though it may be a reference to a moon far different from our Moon (doesn’t count the quasi-satellite that our Earth had, which makes it a “second moon”). Then again, anything is possible in Dream World. We drink the cure in case of possible infection and we each camp on the Earth’s Moon at different spots, with mine located on a dry dusty lake full of odd lines, similar to the Sailing Rocks of a lake in Death Valley.

Something doesn’t feel right as there is gravity like Earth, breathable atmosphere even though there is no sky, and the sound of rocks sliding loudly. I turn around to see several aggressive elephants the size of a human adult pushing a large marble block per individual and OH MY GLOB they are very fast! I also pushed a marble block and narrowly escape from then as I run straight to an abandoned school, which is very contrasting with the rest of the environment of Earth’s Moon.

Then I ditch the marble and explore on the maze-like school so that I could get away from the elephants. After several loops, I stumble back to Juni, who was looking for me as we were next to the next objective of the mission. He leads me to a merged area where it features a marshland with a blue sky and flowing water and plant and animal life. Our mission instructor is Frankie Gefälle, a Megalodon Samebito wearing a mix of a swimsuit and light futuristic military armour and combat boots and he stood about 7 ft. tall. There are also several kids present, which would not make me and Juni the only ones on the search for The Cure.

Frankie gives us instructions on how to handle some specimens, many were obviously shark-like, which were kept in fish tanks because they are fishes. Then Frankie also stated that to activate the specimens’ raw power, they must be fed with a baby monkey in water, which is as morbid as it sounds like. Despite this, he remains on his calm stoic expression. Then a strange girl, most likely an AA, in a red, black, and white patterened outfit calmly handles one of the specimens, which looks like the love child of a blobfish and a stonefish with the colour orange to the mix.

Then I woke up.

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