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Consume & Conquer

Lucid Intent
Sunday, July 9 2017 Views: 285

To survive in a brutal part of Dream World, one must use the powers of a Lovecraftian person to draw powers of certain characters and entities.

First of all, the dream first takes place in a city that is dubbed as “The Yellow Zone” of a post-apocalyptic New York City as the Mercer virus is very abundant. I use some super benefits from the virus such as super speed, strength, and gliding as I am searching for the Evolved, people who were infected by the virus with some benefits and worked for the villain, Alex Mercer. I approach on a decaying and abandoned factory rooftop where at least 5 Evolved were present.

During the fight (in which I shapeshifted an arm into the twin blade), they proceed to shapeshift into various monsters such as a Hunter (giant humanoid abomination with giant claws) with very sharp black teeth and red eyes, and giant demonic spiders made of what appears to be human limbs and has a giant camel toe-like feature on the top of its lower abdomen. All of them were proven to be deadly as I destroy the Hunters first before any civilian might appear.

However, it is revealed that it is a form of distraction as another group of Evolved escape while the ones I am targeting against were distracting me from the other group. While I may be clearly frustrated, I wouldn’t let the distraction team wreak havoc on the city so I have to stop and destroy/consume them before any considerable damage is done.

Then I woke up.

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