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Needing some insight on a dream

Tuesday, September 12 2017 Views: 84

First all, ever since I was a young child I would have dreams of something 'dark' chasing after me, or trying to get to me and I always found myself running away trying to escape whatever it was and up until this day I am unable to see exactly what is chasing me. 
This dream was about a man trying to get me so I went and grabbed a gun and was able to get him in my control. When i grabbed the gun to shoot him it was like the trigger was 'heavy' it would not pull and I was using ALL my strength to pull the trigger but it would just not give.I went to the length of checking the clip to see if maybe there was something jammed... the bullets inside the clip were turned in different ways and as hard as I tried to straigten them out they just would not, I went and grabbed a new box of bullets but it was like fumbling with them until finally i was able to get ONE bullet and decided to feed it into the chamber, when I went to put the bullet inside the chamber without using the clip its like it would not go in and to my surprise there were pencils and a ruller inside the gun where the chamber is located.

I ended up waking up and not killing who i was trying to before they killed me...

what on earth could this mean?!! 

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