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Meeting up with unusual characters

Lucid Intent
Sunday, June 18 2017 Views: 67

Recall a little, am at the old home again. I was with someone [friend ] only from dream.. hiding in the basement [least I think it was,recal just being cramped in the backroom..we had something in our hands. I remember we opened them to show the type we had.. Dark - purple- I hear the person around the house, I am not sure.  why we were hiding.. 

 We hear him coming down and we were found. He was wanting the stuff we had in our hands. But I didn't think , he was going to use it for good ..He was ttaking us upstairs ...Not sure how aladdin and Mozenwrath came in the scene,but I felt that aladdin was around trying to get the man ..[didn't even see his face] just felt that I was feeling 'ucky' with what the guy had us do.  ..I came out of the bathroom near mom' s old bedroom [I think marlene was behind me. }- I thanked aladdin for helping us, but then I saw mozenwrath was standing across from us...his back to us.   I looked over at aladdin again,  I said ''I prefer mozenwrath to you, so he can stay around to watch out for the creep, ''  

I couldn't get over I said that to him. I was going to say something,but still saw moze there... I was walking up slowlly to him but then I think I woke up... closet I been to mozenwrath... I sense I am a bit shy to have him interact or see me.. [he is one of aladdin's villian on the old tv show 'aladdin' .....

.2  I am then with the sobels and in the past. and was talking to mr sobel, at first when they came back..and this time i was with them all in the house [kids] - too and was telling them something.. and feeling connected.. [new theme ]- 

3-- Some other things, were vague but was in this parking lot and its semi- dark.. Some tunnel we went through and I was showing kris and laurie the writing -on the wall of the tunnel not recall what the words were.  recall something about the amanda and shane so why I went to the car ..and we were riding through..the tunnel around another area that's vague..

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