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Tattoo of ownership around myy ankle ''use magic with a wand

Tuesday, January 8 2013 Views: 351

dream 1 1- some weird dreams last night, I am at home first and talking to mom about amanda moving and then I talk to amanda on my cell phone and she wanted me to come down and i had to ask ''Is shane there?'' and she said ''yes'' I sighed because i did not want to go with him there, and I tried to get her to meet me around here. I was going on the bus and we were shopping foe awhile , I went around her neighborhood ...and said ''lets go nack to your place'' tired of walking and carrying our bags...we walked the side streets and stayed around the building to see if shane was going to be around.. people were looking at us strangely and we went up the steps i am talking to mom on cell phone and we go into her place [which is a bit bigger ] and has a extra room where as we were sitting and going through our stuff we see shane with a girl and james is there too . I am shocked they would just want to do it openly like that - but thats shane- and i was going to get my stuff and leave but shane told us we had to stay put ''you dont own me'' I said .. but i rolled up my pant leg and saw some writing on my ankle all around and saying ''better not give away the secret'' and its in black tattoo where i couldn't take it off and he has a smug look on his face .. ''Hey what the hell?" i was pissed , but the girl left and james comes over and smokes too with shane and smug looks we were trying to get over to do something with our stuff, but they stopped us so we had to stay put and i am getting pissed and bored waiting , trying to get my cell phone , but he wouldn't let me ''Um i have to get home before it gets dark'' we were forced to stay around and smoke and sexual stuff - after am just bored and couldn't believe that james and shane would even do this around open spaces where anyone could walk in . He told me '' You do not show anyone the tattoo and nothing about this, come back when we tell you '' I was gathering my bags and said '' fuck u'' but he hit me and I think i was like 'whatever , just don't call my home''   I went out and its almost dark , so i tried to call home and ask for a ride, i think laurie was there and kris around town but wasn;t sure they were able to pick me up..i recall waiting arounf the buildings and getting anxious and bored.... so i recall they picked me up around the bus area and we drove to another shopping store even though i wanted to get home.. they did smell some smoke on me and i said ''amanda's friend smoked '' and were like 'ok' and i am bored - still tired wanting to go home ....we finally got home [kris car ] and we had to take some stuff out and rosie is there greeting us , think mom is asking me about the phone call ? and i was saying ''oh was just amanda '' and packing stuff away '' -    

I recall then some scenes at home still and frank burns is around again . seems like the same theme with mash characters and also andora from bewitched around the house  , recall that i wanted to use magic and she couldn't show me, frank was not allowing that and i said 'so sue me' and was having a wand like in harry potter and i recall that harry and hermione were showing us how to use the tiny wand - which samantha was saying'' I just use my nose'' but she had a wand too and i think we were around hogwarts school - with dumbledore and rest of the cast along with mash characters hawkeye etc....frank still protesting .. end


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