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Imaginary board game with a shapeshifting 'opponent'

Monday, June 19 2017 Views: 63

In my dream, I am in a big cafe at night playing a strange board game with no less strange opponent. The game does not exist in real life but looks like some weird version of chess. As for the person I am playing it with, it is a shapeshifter, constantly changing forms, taking the shape of both imaginary and real persons.

The game also changes shape with the game going on. People start to gather around us interested in the game. I am not sure whether I am winning or not but I try to.

The shifter take the appearance of people I know now including  friends (even my best one), some family members, girls I have crushed on, famous people (including Einstein and Kate Beckinsale)

The game is closing to an end and I realise something: I am not playing the shifter but with him, and to win we have to win together.

I make the final move and we do win under the applause of the public.

And I wake up ...

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