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Magic Chalk Drawings and Exotic Birds

Lucid Intent

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Wednesday, July 12 1995 Views: 82

        Morning of July 12, 1995. Wednesday.

        In one part of a dream there is a man named Otto Sanders (I know no one of this name in reality). Zsuzsanna also dreamt of a name with two instances of the letter o, but did not fully recall the name, it seems. I also had at least one generic school dream where I just sit in a classroom.

        In the main vivid segment, I create magic chalk pictures by waving my hand over a chalkboard that is sitting flat on a picnic table. Some of the images are ocean scenes. I erase an image the same way, by waving my hand.

        Later, I am showing people around in an area where a building seems to have missing exterior walls (recurring, plus Zsuzsanna lived in a house with missing exterior walls). The people I show around are different age groups, including a group of older unfamiliar women.

        It is seemingly mainly a place for exotic and unusual birds (including peacocks). At one point it feels like I am in "another world". There are also musical lamps that sound like violins when one moves their hand around the lamp shade.

        Some of this was likely influenced by "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings". Exotic or unusual birds have been a common feature in my dreams since early childhood.

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