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Restaurant on a Bridge

Thursday, September 9 1965 Views: 82

        Morning of September 9, 1965. Thursday.

        I have climbed a staircase and discovered that there is an open restaurant at the top of what is otherwise an overpass. No cars are present. In fact, the steps replace what would otherwise be the street that would otherwise integrate into the overpass. There are probably only about four round wooden tables in the area. I assume this location is near 901 Rose Street in La Crosse. I feel it is about two blocks west of that building.

        There had been a knee-high mist at both ground level and at the area on the overpass itself. I think I am to be with my parents, though this is not certain. I know my sister Marilyn is present. There is at least one unidentifiable male.

        Buildings nearby are similar to the courthouse or capital building in the last dream of this date ("The Thinker").

        I notice at one point that people have small silver open-end wrenches instead of silverware to eat with. This does not seem very strange at first. Still, some people seem dressed as if from the 1700s.

        Knee-high mists were mostly recurring in childhood dreams. I cannot be certain if this is a natural dream feature or if it was influenced by movies showing a mist during implied dream scenes. A staircase represents a real-time shift in consciousness as does a bridge. Restaurants of course relate to subliminal associations with hunger. The rest (confusion of open end wrenches with silverware) is related to incidental visual associations, something people who believe in "dream interpretation" (in popular usage of the term) do not seem to get at all. Unlike "The Thinker" (the last dream of this date), this dream does not have resolved waking symbolism (despite walking up the staircase) or exit symbolism, though the courthouse-like buildings more in the background are a preconscious precursor.

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