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Missing a Bus and Being Lambasted by Jeremy Clarkson

Friday, August 11 2017 Views: 148

        Morning of August 11, 2017. Friday.

        In the first part of my dream, I miss a bus from the north side of La Crosse to get to the south side in early afternoon. The young female driver is not looking in my direction and, driving from the west, just turns to the right at the intersection (to go south) without stopping. I am aware that the next bus may not go at the scheduled time, assumed to be one an hour after the one I missed. Soon after I miss the bus, I consider that it may not have been the main one anyway, and that another bus would immediately follow, though this does not occur. (In real life, there were a number of buses that went in the same general direction, though this does not seem to be the case in my dream.)

        This region of town is not rendered correctly at all. In fact, the area seemingly implied to be near Gillette and Loomis Streets is more like the busier south side of town closer to Third Street and a commercial area.

        When I go back into my supposed apartment on the first floor, Halle Berry (the actress) is also living there (and seems to be a residual personified unconscious element, possibly a reinduction factor), or maybe it is her place and I am only staying there or visiting for a time. There is a longer segment where I play computer games. I am vaguely aware of a couple of my children also being present (though this does not trigger clearer memory of living in Australia rather than America).

        The scenario changes to where I am seemingly on the south side of La Crosse, though it vaguely seems like the Stadcor Street house (in Brisbane) in some ways. Someone makes me aware of a small handmade book of about ten pages. It is mostly hand-printed, with a few small photographs and sketches on some pages. Some of the pages are a light blue color, though I think other pages may be yellow or cyan.

        The hand-made book was made by Jeremy Clarkson. I think there is only one copy. Throughout this book are references to my username BlueOpossum. He has written various fictional negative comments about me, using sarcasm and a certain level of what reads as gibberish. I consider that it is mostly for pointless gossip. I do not think it would be published commercially. He claims to know me and even to have met and spent time with me and my family, but I know this is wrong as I had never seen him in real life.

        He seems to make fun of my lifetime dream journalism, though also has written other obnoxious comments about our family.

        On or near the last page is some writing that may or may not be negative. Still, there is a goofy cartoonish sketch of me (head only) wearing a warbonnet and some writing that reads as "thinking native".

        The last clearest sentence I read says, "BlueOpossum’s poppin’ pomme makes the sheriff win."

        Jeremy looks a lot like my brother-in-law did in the 1980s, so that might be part of it since my brother-in-law was somewhat obnoxious (the main difference being that my brother-in-law was slow-witted). Also, I am counting this as precognitive as one of the first things I read in real life today was "Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson in hospital with pneumonia". (This is the first time he ever appeared in a dream and I had not heard about this beforehand.)

        The last sentence about the sheriff seems to have something to do with dream cessation ("poppin'" as in popping like a dream balloon as in comic strips). In my dream, I thought that "pomme" might mean head in this case. "Makes the sheriff win" might be a reference to the preconscious waking the dreamer (by biological authority).

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