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Train and Plane Collision

Friday, October 11 1968 Views: 57

        Morning of October 11, 1968. Friday.

        I am in an unknown area, though probably implied to be the south area of Arcadia. There is a Santa Fe train I think, heading from my left to my right.

        An airplane seems to be landing, coming from the right. It might be an Air Force jet. The train and airplane are moving towards each other in a likely collision course.

        Instead of seeing an actual realistic impact, boards fly out from where they would have met (which my dream self does not at all consider as unusual).

        "Eryops", another (the last) dream of this date had very similar imagery of boards explosively flying outward (though this dream was the fourth from last), both being simple dream cessation (waking) symbolism.

        I think part of the influence might have come from watching "Road Runner" cartoons.

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