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Hole in Wall, Hole in Floor

Thursday, August 10 2017 Views: 87

        Morning of August 10, 2017. Thursday.

        I am in a completely unfamiliar residence which is implied to be our (present) home. There is one scene where I am on a bed, the head of it near the wall. I see a vent a short distance up from the head of the bed and I take the metal covering of the vent off. I then see horizontal wooden slats (which would not be logical for a vent setup as the area would otherwise be fully open). I do not consider if there is something behind the wall as in many previous similar dreams.

        There is another scene where I have to avoid stepping into a large open hole in the kitchen floor, which is directly near the counter. It may be fairly deep. Curiously, other items are around it and it seems a difficult task to have to somehow step over it or walk along the minimal material of the bottom of the counter on one side. (No thinking skills here, as I could otherwise just walk around it.) I warn Zsuzsanna about it. I do not think of covering it up.

        A wall is a liminal space divider, which I also suspect has something to do with the divisions of the brain in real time. However, I cannot be certain here if I am trying to look within my unconscious or into waking awareness. The same holds true for the floor, as falling is a hypnopompic event (without any implied meaning other than waking) though going below ground level and discerning something would typically be going deeper in the dream state (though I do not discern anything underground in this case and do not fall either).

        The horizontal wooden slats have appeared in a number of other dreams and seem to relate to a specific point between dreaming and waking.

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