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Just Walking (with Silas Weir Mitchell)

Saturday, August 5 2017 Views: 101

        Morning of August 5, 2017. Saturday.

        During at least three time periods, though possibly dream resets, I am walking west in the area on Sill Street which meets Wood Street in La Crosse. This is an unusual recurring dream setting that presently puzzles me. I have not seen the area in real life since February 1994 and even so, no significant or memorable events ever took place in this area.

        Each time I am walking west through Sill Street, I am completely undressed, with only a blanket wrapped around me and pulled around and down over my shoulders. I do not feel embarrassed in any way, though I do not know the backstory of how I ended up in this situation.

        A few times, the actor Silas Weir Mitchell appears. He is walking on the sidewalk in another area, usually across the street from me, but seemingly cheerfully encouraging me for some reason, though I am not sure of what is going on. (It may relate to me finding something and bringing it back to Loomis Street.) I do not perceive him as a celebrity in this dream. (Sometimes certain subliminal threads of conscious self associations are extant, sometimes not. This seems purely incidental, based on the extent of certain patterns of neural activity and level of viable awareness within sleep. Even so, I almost always misremember his name as "Silas Warner Mitchell" even when awake, likely due to the confusion with the Silas Warner who designed "Castle Wolfenstein" and the association with "wolf" regarding Silas Weir Mitchell's "Grimm" character.)

        The only other event, which occurs once (despite the resets of walking through the same part of Sill Street), is going around a parking lot of a Country Kitchen restaurant on Sill Street (where one did not exist in reality). Just before this, I consider checking the contents of a green commercial dumpster, thinking that it may contain something valuable that someone had thrown out, but then I decide not to, as there may be a lot of people around, in or near the building (though I do not actually see anyone else). I deliberately circle around a distance from the dumpster prior to waking, rather than going anywhere near it, and then walk easterly, with the vague notion of returning to Loomis Street (even though I have not lived there since 1994).

  • Being undressed in public in a dream (especially in cases where I have a blanket wrapped around me as in this one) usually has nothing to do with "interpretation" and is simply a subliminal thread of memory that I am in bed, undressed, and asleep (just as a dream where I have to use a bathroom is based on real-time conscious self awareness). This is something I already knew by the time I was about six years old.

  • The fact I am walking around in a blanket without embarrassment implies threads of subliminal lucidity (but no active lucidity from my dream self's focus). This is something I certainly would not feel the same about in reality (especially as my dream self held the notion that people would not even regard me differently).

  • Closely studying my dreams for over fifty years has revealed some very basic and uniform rules for induction, dreaming, and waking symbolism. One rule is, when there are subliminal signs of my dream self recognizing that I am dreaming yet without active lucidity, that the preconscious remains passive and even friendly as is the case here, while I am "wearing" a blanket and Silas is not aggressive or with dominating essence (and in fact is even seemingly encouraging). (In some lucid dreams however, the preconscious may become even more dominating or aggressive, though this seems due to a biological need to wake and tend to the physical body's needs, which is basically what the symbolism of some dreams types is mostly rendered for, a fact I fully realized at about age ten.)

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