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Aliens and Apocalypse...Maybe

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 197

        Morning of July 15, 2017. Saturday.

        I am with my family in an unknown city. There are a lot of buildings, mostly taller apartment buildings (of at least four storeys) and some commercial on each side of an unknown street. There is some sort of action down the street but in an area that is not visible to me. People are talking about an apocalyptic situation as I am aware of buildings exploding in the distance.

        I do not feel that threatened but I turn at ninety degrees as my family and several unknown people follow me and we soon go closer to where the threat may be, but down an alley on the other side of the exploding buildings (which is really not very intelligent). I am not quite sure of this, as the entire setting is somewhat distorted. I am not sure if it is some sort of foreign invasion or a natural catastrophe.

        At another point, I look towards an open field. There is a short but long-ranging fire burning in a linear fashion over an area of grass. The top layer of the ground suddenly starts to glow like burning coal (more of the appearance of a glowing sponge) and roll up (towards us) like a carpet rolling up (probably an association with Astroturf). Even though this scene is not logical or realistic, my dream self perceives it as a valid and expected end-of-the-world event. Probably, the whole outer layer of the ground everywhere on the planet will roll up like a carpet.

        My mild concern about the end of the world changes slightly. Now it seems more like aliens had invaded (though this is still not a hundred percent). About five or six small flying saucers, not much bigger than Frisbees, fly around the city. I hide in an alley near an elevated wooden structure that holds metal trash cans (the older kind with separate lids).

        The miniature flying saucers are probably controlled by robots. I am not sure if I will be seen or not, but my concern barely exists at this point. There is a vague sense of amusement that seems incongruous with the rest of my dream. They almost seem playful.

        This last part is solely waking symbolism, the alley (liminal space conduit) and the flight symbol element. I am hiding and subliminally forcing my dream's content to infer "aliens" since there is a subliminal desire not to awaken yet, though threats in general are consciously created to delay the waking transition.


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