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Saving Brenda and Tina From Buzzards (all notes included)

Sunday, June 9 1968 Views: 79

        Morning of June 9, 1968. Sunday.

        It is early morning with full daylight, perhaps a couple hours after sunrise. Brenda and Tina are standing atop the roof of a car. The car is parked near a small unknown rural home and it seems to be in the backyard, although there is some ambiguity that implies it might be the main entrance. The car is parked sideways near the back door about ten feet away and facing towards an unknown perpendicular unpaved back road. Brenda and Tina are holding each other closely and quivering in fear, being afraid to come down from atop the car, but also afraid of several buzzards flying and circling above. (I also get a brief vague impression of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball in the same scenario as children.)

        There is an outside area adjacent to the back of the house (left of the door when outside) where chopped logs are kept and I also see a wooden shelf (also left of the back door) with small piles of straw. I think the car may belong to my sister Carol (half-sister on my mother's side) and Verdell. The house seems to be a unique composite (with front yard and backyard ambiguity) of the back of my family's previous home in Mohawk Valley in Wisconsin and the front of our house at North Monroe Street in Florida. I boldly manage to calmly talk the two girls down from the roof of the car and get them to come with me into the house through the back door so that they are out of danger. Looking back as we are entering the house, I see buzzards now atop the car but they do not acknowledge us in any way.

        Notes compiled from previous lifelong records on June 19, 2017:

        Roles: Brenda, close friend, neighbor, and schoolmate, is my emergent consciousness factor. Tina, schoolmate (Brenda’s friend in real life, though somewhat snobbish towards me), is my personified preconscious, atypically passive here. The buzzards are this dream’s liminal space waking symbolism and are the more dominant preconscious factor.

        Coalescence waking readiness: Coalescence, here modeled by Brenda and Tina hugging (prior to their return to my own dream body) is very common waking symbolism that represents the personified preconscious and emergent consciousness uniting and returning to whole consciousness (and the current conscious self identity). (Coalescence usually results in a much softer awakening than with dreams such as “The Buzzard’s Beak”, which had an extreme hypnopompic back spasm waking event.) This common dream component has been validated as such in thousands of my dreams to date.

        The parked car represents my physical body’s sleep cycle and the potential change in circadian rhythms in early morning. Getting Brenda and Tina to come down from the top of the car (a potential falling factor, biologically premonitory of a hypnopompic jerk and redundant to the additional flight symbol of the circling buzzards above) is a deliberate but subliminal dream cessation precursor.

        The presence of the sawn logs may be a second-level dream sign based on having heard my brother-in-law Bob talk about “sawing logs” as a sleeping metaphor (in reference to snoring). The straw may also be a second-level dream sign, relevant to the phrase “hitting the hay”, especially as it is on a shelf (potentially analogous to a bed and “on the shelf” as inactive or asleep). Dream signs do not usually have additional meanings but are just residual threads of being unconsciously aware of being asleep (though not implying any active awareness of being in the dream state, though subliminal lucidity is very common for me).

        No setting (other than primarily featureless liminal space) has ever appeared more than once in a dream with the same detail. In this case, the composite is ambiguous. It is also common for presently known females to appear in homes from my past where they had never been in reality, especially my wife Zsuzsanna, who often appears in my dreams of past houses I have lived in where she has never been in reality (and in fact, she has never even been to America). Why I dream primarily of females in this way is likely a biological factor. Additionally, with certain dream types, there are no males (other than myself). The ambiguity of the vague memory of the actresses in the same scenario is not an actual dream character change (as sometimes occurs) though may still be a result of an unremembered reset, possibly due to my unconscious transmuting the original scenario to be more personal, though this is certainly not a consistent factor.

        Validated personal dream meanings: Features in my dreams related either to flight or non-flight (in the sense of a flightless bird or failed flight scenario) are linked, in a biologically premonitory sense, to subliminal anticipation of the hypnopompic jerk. This waking symbolism has been validated as such thousands of times throughout my fifty years of devoted dream study. Regarding such waking symbolism, there may or may not be additional meanings relevant to my current conscious self’s identity, although mostly only inclusive of precognitive threads, literal or based on precise imagery with too much detail or layered factors such as could not occur by chance. First-level flight symbols have occurred in over twenty percent of my tens of thousands of documented dreams to date, making it one of my most common forms of waking symbolism.

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