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Hunchback Child

Monday, January 27 1997 Views: 100

        Morning of January 27, 1997. Monday.

        My wife Zsuzsanna and our son and I go to a place where an unfamiliar young boy of about our son’s age (though somehow familiar in regard to the fictional backstory) is to play with him. His (unfamiliar) mother seems normal but the boy is very strange. He is like a mix of a miniature version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and an odd squarish eagle-like form (regarding body proportions), though with no visible wings. He also suddenly stops at times, somehow reminding me of a spider in the positions and movements of his arms as when ready to grab an insect. I realize that he is also mentally handicapped, yet heavier and stronger than an adult.

        Our son seems scared and runs away from him at different times. The other boy seems to want to play but then, after running about a bit, takes on his seeming "ready to pounce like a spider" stance, seeming “frozen”.

        Eventually, I am concerned for our son's safety and grab the strange boy. I somehow manage to swing him around by his feet and knock his head against the floor. Others are looking for our son to make sure he is okay.

        The preconscious waking symbolism is often quite odd yet with combined factors that redundantly validate the overall nature and meaning of the rendering. My dream has the aggressive essence as a natural waking mechanism factor (though this is not always the case as passive coalescence often works wonders in a soft awakening). He is like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, whose symbolism relates to ringing bells, which are associated with being woken up by an alarm clock. Additionally, there is also the very common (over twenty percent of all my non-lucid dreams) "return flight" layer, as an anticipatory factor of the hypnopompic jerk. Even his form (in being bent over) likely relates to not standing straight as associated with sleeping or not being "fully up". His being mentally handicapped atypically reflects the nature of the highly limited fictional non-lucid dream self when confronted with the puzzle of the transition through liminal space to the emergent consciousness (which is why schools are so often rendered in dreams).

        His squarish but eagle-like essence that dominates his appearance at times reminds me a lot of certain hypnopompic back spasm dreams from childhood, such as "The Buzzard's Beak", though this dream did not have a significant waking jolt. On one level, it is very similar in mood and distorted body appearance to a childhood dream from 1968, "Hippies Paint my School Bus", in which the hippies are oddly shaped and fly away as buzzards.

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