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Little Tornadoes

Friday, June 16 2017 Views: 157

        Morning of June 16, 2017. Friday.

        My wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now are living in an unknown residence. Its layout changes over time. It seems to be late morning.

        At one point, I look out of a window and see a tornado, but there is no threat. Later, I see that the sky is full of many small tornadoes, only about halfway to the ground. There are so many that they fill the whole area of the sky very close to our house in one direction. Still, they do not seem like a threat. The imagery is very vivid and seemingly realistic even though I have never seen such a sight in reality.

        Curiously, I mention to Zsuzsanna how I had never seen anything like this, but I talk about it in the manner of talking about symbols on a weather chart. That is, it is as if I am regarding the sky as some sort of weather report rather than real weather.

        One larger tornado goes past our house and when I see that it is going away from us, it eventually comes back but turns in a semicircular fashion and goes back away from our house again. Seeing it in the distance, I sense that it may be causing destruction in another region (though I am not certain).

        In the last scene, I am near a wall and sitting down on the floor (almost as if I am ready to take a nap). I see about a dozen or more small unusual cylindrical objects, appearing somewhat like elongated silver rings strewn over the floor, upon which there is also dirt. (There is the common ambiguity of seeming to be indoors and outdoors at the same time.) They each have the same engraved symbol on the side. There is some sort of surreal and abstract association with them being a part of a possible man-made nest of an insect such as a wasp. Perhaps this set of "rings" is some sort of strange technological device that has fallen apart - yet there is still the insect nest association. I seem to recall that they were once part of some sort of jointed cable with minor robotic or electrical aspects. I get the sense that I may have been stung near my eye as well as on my hand and I tell Zsuzsanna this, but this is not certain as my dream breaks up into more abstract patterns.

        I have had a number of tornado dreams in my life, but what is curious is that they are rarely destructive or like real-life tornadoes (probably because they rarely symbolize real tornadoes other than in some cases). In fact, in one of my intriguing early childhood dreams, I was able to take on a tornado and dissipate it by turning a merry-go-round in the opposite direction of its rotation. In other dreams, I have a degree of control over them. In others, they transform into something else (such as my dream of a tornado turning out to be a giant spinning caterpillar making a cocoon or when a miniature tornado was created by a realistic weasel-like animal, probably otherwise influenced by the Tasmanian devil cartoon). In a more recent dream, I stood inside of one in the middle of a street, enjoying its essence, with the realization it was some sort of portal.

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