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A Short Shift into Apex Lucidity

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, May 16 2017 Views: 228

        Morning of May 16, 2017. Tuesday.

        This dream shifts into apex lucidity with automatic but unintentional re-induction from an ongoing non-lucid dream. It is not scripted. (I do not yet post scripted dreams of most types and I usually do not post sexual dreams, at least more graphically, regards of numerous ones in a sequence on a typical night, which are sometimes triggered by the Tetris effect.) For the record, this is also why I never "answer challenges". It is too easy and unfair to people who do not understand what dreams or different levels of consciousness are, since dreams can so easily be scripted (on at least three different levels - visually, situation-based, and core affirmations), especially when one fully understands both induction and waking symbolism (of the same type used in hypnosis and guided meditation). However, I have always held a greater interest in documenting non-lucid dreams even if they are mostly only induction, dreaming, and waking symbolism (other than the common day-to-day remote viewing and precognitive features).

        My dream starts in a non-lucid form. I am with a young version of Zsuzsanna (who appears as she did in 1994, when we first met). I do not take conscious notice of this. We are living in an unknown second-floor apartment. For some reason, I have to go somewhere. I find myself carrying two suitcases (of the same color and design I had when arriving in Australia, that is, there are two copies of the "same" one). This is not possible of course, but I still do it. The two identical suitcases, I somehow carry by the handles in my right hand at the same time. I go down a staircase and through a door at the bottom.

        Of course, going down a staircase (of about sixteen steps) in a dream is a common real-time re-induction event and automatically shifts my consciousness (just as in hypnosis and guided meditation). My conscious self identity starts to increase more and more (and going up a staircase often does the same thing, though going down is usually induction or re-induction while going up is waking).

        Stepping through the door is an additional "kick" into greater conscious self awareness (though which more often serves as waking symbolism as the actual waking prompt itself). In fact, as I turn about to go into the (unknown) backyard, the suitcases seem to dissolve (though up to that point, I could still clearly feel them and I was even aware of them bumping together - again, regardless of how carrying them this way would not be possible in reality). I reach such an augmented level of conscious self awareness that I am puzzled (that is, I fully know that I am dreaming, but it does not seem possible for a dream to have this much clarity regarding real-life perception even though I have experienced it all my life since around the age of two). There is no difference in how I feel and perceive from waking reality, other than deeper, smoother breathing and less body weight. I remain puzzled because I am trying to decide what to do. It is nighttime and the area is unfamiliar. Our fictional second-floor apartment seems near the back of a building and is near a commercial area, although there is a field on one side.

        For now, I start walking, amazed by how real it seems. I look across the unfamiliar street and see a Cat Excavator on display in a storefront window. Of course, this is a metaphorical association with "digging deeper" (that is, looking into old memories, which is really not that important to me at the time). I notice an unfamiliar man and woman walking by the front of the store. From across the street, (by mental will) I "wipe" the excavator display from the store window. I do not see anything to read (such as the store's name) and then start to consider how much time I have before circadian rhythms start to kick in (as this is my last dream of the morning).

        Of course, I instantly think of indulging in sensuality, as, in dreams, sexual acts transmute into high levels of spiritual awareness and blissful, expanding coalescence factors in addition to the increased sense of touch. (This of course is because the dream body is not actually physical - something many people seem to completely lack the understanding of, which is why many of my dreams switch back and forth in phasing, from being incorporeal to being in my fictitious dream body).

        I decide, at first, to will numerous dream characters into the field and watch them walk around. There are probably about twenty or so. I change their age and sex for several minutes. (This is similar to the non-lucid beginning of apex lucidity in some cases, where a dream character will switch identities at a rate of two per second, until my conscious awareness kicks in, which I then augment by going through a door for full control.) I am doing it here at a rate of about two per second. However, I decide to stop messing around and bring the version of Zsuzsanna that was in the apartment up to me. She approaches and lowers to give me oral pleasure. It does not matter that twenty other "people" are walking around in the semidarkness. It is just a dream. There is no symbolism in this type of dream, as lucid dreams are made by the conscious self (though in fact, my dreams of subliminal lucidity seem to be as well).

        From here, instead of a climax, layers of bliss start to flow over me almost like layers of "additional skin". I awake with no discernible shift in consciousness; just a subtle "wave" of "ghost skin" rapidly dropping away from my body. This is an atypical way to wake (probably my "softest" waking to date), as even in scripted dreams there is often a hypnopompic event that kicks more than in a normal dream.

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