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Behind the Wall

Monday, March 20 2017 Views: 92

        Morning of March 20, 2017. Monday.

        I am in an unknown unfamiliar building, in which seems to be an apartment on the first floor of an otherwise larger commercial building. I apparently know the people in the room I am in through an unremembered backstory. It may on one level be modeled after where my mother's old friend Daisy lived years ago (as that is the only way in which it feels slightly familiar, though the people seem somewhat like hillbillies, both children and adults). Most of the people in the room are watching television. There is some sort of realization of an upcoming task where Nazis will be working in the building and will need to be watched secretly, also on the first floor.

        I seem to be aware of an area behind the walls to secretly view the Nazis through. There are three desks end to end in the room that are set up with computers. The desks face out from the wall and the entrance is on the left perpendicular wall. After a short time, there is evidence that there is no secret area to gain access to. This surprises me (and annoys me somewhat) because I was sure there would be at least a couple hidden rooms.

        Convinced of the importance of my task, I punch holes in the wall to where I think I will be able to crawl in and somehow fix the hole so that it looks like a normal wall. It turns out to be a brick wall covered with plaster, with no signs of a door or panel for access into another area. I end up tearing down the whole wall, but there is not much additional space behind it. I then start mentally trying to force things (without being lucid). I think of somehow making a wall that goes across most of the room but then realize that the area would not really be hidden as one could just walk around the corner then. Still, I oddly do not consider that the Nazis would likely notice the wall looking different or with an extra partition.

        I am aware that there are others from my team who are present, but I cannot see them, almost as if they were solely small areas of incorporeal consciousness hovering about. I know the Nazis will probably be arriving soon, but I do not feel any sense of danger. I am just annoyed at trying to create a wall. I end up at the far corner (opposite the entrance to the room), wondering if I can somehow create or find a wall to prevent the Nazis from knowing we are present. I am thinking that there is possibly a partition I could pull out, to just beyond the third desk (behind it), but it would not be very wide or offer much cover.

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