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Twin Nuns on the Bus

Lucid Intent
Friday, March 17 2017 Views: 73

        Night of March 17, 2017. Friday.

        I am maintaining a view of the front of a city bus as it is going down the street in an unknown town, seemingly in late morning. (The driver's side is on the left so an American location is assumed even though I have lived in Australia since February 1994.)

        There are two very old nuns of identical appearance standing at the front of the bus. (They stand very close together on the left in my view.) They look very angry, almost vengeful. They do not really seem to be looking directly at me. There are distortions at times, as if they phase ahead through the bus's window and back, with a sort of wavering or "watery" distortion. They do not move otherwise and nothing happens. (There is no focus on the bus driver.)

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