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Late for the School Bus (recurring dream)

Saturday, June 24 2017 Views: 41

     I have been having this dream (or some version of it) sinceI was in high school!  Based on the real life experience where my dad failed miserably, time and time again, to wake me up in time to get ready for school.  "Kristen!  Wake up!  It's time to get ready for school!  The bus just went down the street, you have five minutes to get ready..."  Our house was the oldest in the neighborhood and sat at the top of the street, which was a dead-end besides a hilly, wooded cul de sac.  The school bus would go down these streets before returning to my house to pick me up and continue on down the country roads, giving me approximately five minutes warning when I heard it go down the street the first time.  

     First the dream was about me and about my dad getting me up for school.  A few times I had the dream where I was getting someone else ready for school, usually one of my nephews.  Now, I have the dream about getting my own son ready for school...  at my childhood home 12 hours away in Indiana.  

     We almost always miss the bus.  Sometimes we make it to the elementary school.  Sometimes the dream turns into one of my other recurring dreams, such as "first day of high school" where I'm wandering the halls and attending random classes, and usually having problems finding my schedule or my locker.  Really annoying to still be having these dreams at 30, actually.

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