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Me vs the Forces of Evil

Monday, June 19 2017 Views: 46

        In this dream I am in future Marco Diaz's body. While wearing his hoodie, I step through the darkness, barely visible. I see in a security camera with people discussing a man who had managed to get through perfectly get through security, spending approximate equal times deciding which portal to step through, not too slow and not too fast. They discuss about how this man must be very high up in security since only a skilled employee would be able to get through in such a way. Nervous but confident, I use Marco's very deep voice to intimidate the security and pretend that I am one of the employees. After a while, they allow me through. By using the excuse to "listen to music", I connect a call to a dream character who sounds like Abby (but also sounds like the "sage"). She states "hi" and I bop my head while seeming to follow some lyrics "it's alright, mmm mmm". It is apparent to her that something is wrong and she worriedly asks: "Hey, what's going on?" I then go like "lada dada, on a mission...." And then I go through my pieces of paper which allow me to go through the areas of security and choose the portals. I carefully pace my step like the man up in high security. Eventually I make my way through. I am excited and determined to make my way to Star Butterfly (Marco's best friend). I then begin cracking yet another puzzle that was designed by my mother. In level one, I must enter her pin code by tapping the area corresponding to the number on the phone. I have limited tries, so I am quite careful. As I see a time limit, I speed up, and level one's "6249" goes forth to level two's "624912", which I mess up out of nervousness. I think that mom is quite clever to use this method since only me and my sister know this specific passcode.


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