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Spontaneous Combustion Apocalypse

Wednesday, January 2 2013 Views: 1224

I'm standing outside of our shop, looking over the open field, apparently it's summer, a normal sunny day. Suddenly I see a fire starting towards the end of the property, somebody is yelling about the fire. Suddenly another fire pops up to the right, sort of like an explosion, and more of these spontaneous fire explosions keep popping up left and right. I feel this sense of dread and bolt for the shop door.

Next thing I remember i'm in the shop looking outside, the power seems to be out, everything is dark, inside the shop and out. Looking outside I see fire everywhere, and more of these spontaneous fire explosions popping up all over, I'm trying to come up with a plan to make it to the office, around 20 yards away from the shop, and it appears to be relatively clear of fire. A friend of mine appears to be with me, and says he has a perfect plan, we'll slide across on cardboard, because somehow we won't catch on fire if we do so right.

We start making our way across to the office building, scooting along on round pieces of cardboard, and though my friend appears to be gone. I see i'm almost to the office door, so I panic and ditch the cardboard to bolt for the door, when flames burst up right before the door. I assume I didn't make it.

Next thing I remmber is being on a hill overlooking the shop and office area, in a house that does not exist, and I'm on a porch with another friend, who is sitting in a chair with a c4 remote in his hand. I'm looking at the shop, I say something about it looking like a fire apocalypse, it's still dark and there's fire all over. He blows up the shop and I assume everybody is dead. He's grinning and I yell at him before running inside this strange house and lock him out. He's pounding on the door when he spontaneously combusts.

And then I raided the pantry in the house for snacks.


Additional Comments:

I had taken melatonin to help me sleep. It usually gives me pretty strange dreams.

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