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Boat Race During a Critical Time

Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 346

During some sort of crisis situation, I'm helping out in a makeshift clinic, getting basic data from people as they check in to be seen by the physician.  For the particular fellow I'm working with now (about age 30 dressed in a onepiece 'jumpsuit') this exam seems to be compulsory and he's not pleased about being here. He refuses to step on the scales on the floor here in front of me so that I can record his weight. I look him over pointedly. He's hefty but not obese and I say, "Well, I could put you down as 240 pounds," thinking that he'll object to my obvious overestimate. However, he doesn't comment.
I open his medical chart to see what's on the record from his last visit and quickly scan through the page for numerals. There's no weight noted that I can find. The handwriting looks like Dr. B's (the physician I worked for in the 1970's). This fellow is not actually hostile although I know he's trying to annoy me and is succeeding. Another young man nearby tells him to quit fooling around and cooperate but that falls on deaf ears.
In the background the local annual boat race is in progress out in the large bay nearby. This year there's one area where no boats are allowed to go. Something very unfortunate occurred during the previous months and the area is roped off. (I can't recall any details about this).  The entire community is outside and very excited and involved, either participating in the race or watching from the shoreline. The small group I'm with inside this old building is receiving relayed reports about which boats are leading as the race progresses toward the finish line. This seems to be the highlight of the year here. Everyone is partying and the atmosphere is filled with excitement. Just as I'm wakened, I notice that one of the names on my list of people to be checked in is "Capps Binks". It strikes me as an odd and old-fashioned name. I suspect that Capps is his last name and Binks a nickname.

Additional Comments:

At last night's Toastmasters Club meeting I presented the "Word of the Day". Actually a pair of words from a recent crossword puzzle which were unfamiliar to me. The clue was Cognomens. The answer was bynames. I looked them up and found that they mean family names, surnames and especially nicknames. 'Capps Binks' surely is a carryover from the evening.

I have a cat which jumps up on my bed with a 'meow' to wake me each morning. This time I held on to the dream and got it recorded.


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