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Thieving Children?

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 322

     I was in my car, driving down a long highway. There were many cars around me and we were all driving insanely fast. For some reason, I was angry with my father and I blamed him for why I was driving so recklessly. I would turn and accidentally cross at lease two lanes but there were never any cars to crash into when I turned. I drove until I made it to a long country road where I was the only car in sight. I drove until I thought I was going to run out of gas and stopped at a camp-like place. There were a few cabins here and there and cars parked in a gravel parking lot. I parked in the grass and got out of my car. There were a few people walking around but I paid no mind to them as I walked toward the main cabin. Before I took three steps, a man who's face I can't remember stopped me, wrapped me in a corset and yelled, "Fly!"
     I looked at him like he was insane before I was lifted off the ground and began to hover about five inches on the grass. I stared at the man as he smiled at me and said, "Be free."
     I shot up, accepting this strange device and began doing flips in the sky and soaring through the air. I laughed and smiled and loved life. That went on for a while before I flew into the main cabin and landed in front of the counter with grace. In the cabin, heavy metal music was playing and the man behind the counter was tatted and pierces head to toe, looking bored to see me. He welcomed me to the store with a dull expression on his face, looking me up and down. I felt embarrassed by the fact that I was wearing a corset over my clothes and asked the guy for a piercing, setting my purse down on a chair behind me. He apologized and informed me that they were, in fact, not a piercing shop but only sold cupcakes. I raised my eyebrow, confused but then just shrugged and ordered a cupcake. He told me the price and I turned around to find my purse. It was gone. I panicked and searched around me until the guy behind the counter cleared his throat, making me turn to look at him. He pointed out the door to my right. I looked through the open doorway and saw two small children running off with my purse. 

     I yelled for them to stop and ran after them, cursing the guy behind the counter for not saying anything sooner. The small children were running towards the woods but I eventually caught one. I tackled him and grabbed my purse. When I got off the boy, he was a fox. My eyes widened and I was seriously confused. The girl that was with him has also turned into a fox and they, then, huddled around me.

Next thing I knew, I was back at the cabin, sneaking the foxes cupcakes.

I woke up. 

Additional Comments:

According to DreamForth.com:

Driving - 
To dream that you are driving a vehicle symbolizes the road you're traveling through life. This dream is telling you about the manner through which you are traveling. If you can't see the road ahead of you, then you may not have direction in your own life. You don't have ambition. If the road is winding, this suggests that you are having difficulty reaching your dreams.
Woods - 
To dream of the woods is a representation of spring, rejuvenation, fertility, and life. Conversely, it may represent the unconscious and unknown. Consider opening your mind to allow you to discover your inner potential and most instinctual nature.
Corset - 
To dream of wearing a corset implies that you are feeling confined and suffocated. Someone may be prohibiting you from expressing your emotions or communicating your ideas and opinions. This may also mean that you put the needs and wants of others before your own satisfaction.
Flying - To dream that you are flying generally suggests a feeling of being unencumbered where previously you may have been held down. If the landscape below your flight is full of green life then you will endure momentary humiliation but once that is past, then you will reap rewards.
Fox - 
To dream about a fox indicates intelligence and ingenuity. You should pay more attention to your instincts and wisdom when dealing with issues. You may need to hide your feelings to protect yourself. This dream may also represents a time when you felt lonely. This is an ideal time to think about your life, such as where you've been, and where you're going.
Children - To dream of children implies your desire to return to a more innocent time when you were not burdened by problems or troubles of the adult world. You want to enjoy life and be free of responsibilities and obligations. Perhaps there are goals that you regret not being able to achieve. You should allow this child to develop and see if there is some aspect of your life that needs to flourish. 
Theiving - To dream about seeing a theft signals that other people are usurping your spirit and vigor. 


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