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If I popped the red balloon, all of it couldve been avoided

Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 298

Myself and some classmates find ourselves climbing a mountain path back towards a cabin retreat we all attended about a year ago. To the right of the path, a valley dips down into a field of small hills, mini mountains very similar to those in Dragon Ball Z, or from a video game. The greens and browns are very pronounced. We travel very quickly, holding a meaningless conversation. When we get to the cabin, Lloyd, the man who owns it, is hiding in a mask that covers half his face with a big round bird nose. He, as well as some other men, are waiting to see the landowner and, I assumed, try to bid on the property. I thought it was odd that Lloyd, the person who owned it, should be answering to a higher lander owner. Also, Lloyd was acting very strange and spoke in "incognito-talk" making a riddle out of everything. But I figured he was playing some sort of game, and I was too distracted by the intricacy of the woodwork and architechture of the cabin, which had low ceilings and windows like aquariums that let you look from one part of the cabin to the other. The people I was with dissapear into the woodwork. Some shift occurs and the cabin now is hosting an arraignment of A, one of my classmates, who seems to have murdered someone. He asserts he didn't, and we get out with a second court date and lots of suspicion. A and I live together in this dream. at our flat, my parents have left me lots of Easter chocolates and toys. One of them is a remote control helicopter. Looking out the window, I am focused on the tower - a skyscraper, which may or mag not have been where we were at the cabin, that has a red balloon tethered to its roof which is about sixty to 100 feet in diameter - I consider using the Easter toys to pop the balloon. I'm convinced in this dream that the balloon will somehow prove A's innocence. Its purpose is that when someone dies within the tower the balloon will pop and save them. I have many vividly visualizations of the toy hitting the balloon, and it popping within its wire mesh cage. I decide not to and return to my Easter candy. There's a knock at the door, I open it. A nude overwieght couple of about sixty shuffles past me to the first bedroom. I stagger back to my room, and see that the second door is open and A is quickly covering up what is obviously sex with S, another classmate of ours. I am shocked and a bit hurt, and return to looking at the Easter candy. Baffled. The next day, A and S have washed their hair and are doing their daily business. In class, they act as if nothing has happened bit I know, and watch a few friends of theirs observe what's going on with the two of them and wonder if anyone else can figure out what happened. After class I'm walking with a good friend, who is nameless in the dream. He is the epitome of a "don't give a Fuck" kid. Very similar to jay from Jay and silent Bob, but similar to a friend id actually want. We dip into a convenience store and get a sausage roll or corndog or something similar. We chat about, I think, the events of the previous dream installments. He offers sound advice and jokes. There are two people behind the counter, a man and a woman. The man is very posh looking but modest, the woman is very forward and excited. She brags about his name, which is four to five names long. He is bashful, and offers that we just call him by his first name. She says something rather cryptic about him being called that beautiful name everyday of the year but one. We ask about it. And apparently, under the full moon this man is simply named boy. "How does that work?" I ask. "I sit under the moon. Someone rings my bell in London and I say boy." Before I wake up, I am very vividly in my own bed and a police helicopter or some searchlight is shining through my blinds. They are after my involvement with A. It was frightening. But once I knew what it was I was calm and waited it out. A and S are in an apartment across the street from mine. We see eachother from the window and I am invited over. They've baked brownies and rice crispy treats. I note that they are cut up very strange and push one or two pieces apart with my finger. The room talks about baking hash brownies and getting unimaginably fucked-up. All are eager. People seemed to appear and fill out rooms then dissapear completely a lot in this dream as well as others that ive had. Does this happen to anyone else?

Additional Comments:

A and S's relationship really shocked me. And gave me a gut feeling of dread. Although I don't have any active desires to have a relationship with S. A and I have a history where hes dated two of my ex girlfriends. So that's possibly feeding that. I remember thinking "good I dreamt about this, ill be able to get over it quicker when it happens." In a sort of fugue state between dream and wakening.


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