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Following the dean home

Wednesday, July 27 2005 Views: 688

I am in school.. in a classroom with some guy whose about in his late 30's or early 40's.. he is supposed to be my teacher but it also the dean because I keep thinking of him as the dean. I am the only person in the room with him. I have to go to his house to do some work. I am in the dean's house sitting at a table doing work with paper.. not really sure. I am sitting there thinking about how we are alone and how I could easily seduce this guy. I'm wondering if that's why he brought me here and as soon as those dirty thoughts pop into my head my grandparents show up to see what I'm doing (or come to pick me up). I know they are there, especially my grandma, because they don't trust this guy and think something will happen. They want me to leave and don't think it's proper for a girl my age to be at the dean's house alone. I am on a long road with my mom. We are walking behind the dean's car with some kind of chain or rope that we're holding onto. We are going to the dean's other house in the country to party with him. It seems to be all my mom's doing only she doesn't know that I was at the dean's house alone with him before. We get to this road and see this beautiful old style home in the middle of a meadow, very out of place. There are Palm Beach mediterranean style houses, all colorful and fancy around this place.. all next to each other. The dean's house is alone, by itself in a field of tall soft grass. The house is a peachy, tan color and is two story, almost like an old colonial civil war house. We go into the house and see there are a bunch of other girls there already. I am standing in the front hallyway with my mom when the dean offers us a tray with a bunch of non-diet food on it. All of a sudden my mom's face is bloated and her stomach is really large. She tells me in a whisper that she doesn't want to be rude but she can't eat this stuff. I ask her what's wrong and she yells at me for talking to loud. She doesn't want him to hear there's a problem. She becomes so large that she doesn't even resemble herself anymore and her hair is lighter also, almost a dirty blonde. There are a bunch of other girls there now and we are all sitting in some room waiting for our host, the dean, to come back. He had to attend to some things and as I am sitting there I can see him walk past the door down the hallway. I don't know what he is doing but he looks down the hall sometimes at me. He seems to be preoccupied or too busy with something to entertain us and I wonder why he brought us all here.

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