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Not Sure How To Draw My Face

Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 344

     Once again I had a dream about school but this one was WAY more confusing. The dream started out at home when I was trying to draw my  face for an ELA project (not sure why that would be an ELA project) I had like no idea how to do it. I thought had to be with your eyes closed, so my unartistic abilities showed and I draw on my desk instead of the paper I should of been drawing on. I just gave up and worked on the rest of my work. I somehow got to homework I must of transported their because I don't remember riding the bus or walking or anything like that. In homeroom I forgot to work on my face and ask others about it. I first went to my trumpet lesson which made me skip period 1 of ELA. I don't remember much about my trumpet lesson but I remember after that I went outside because I picked this subject that was basically the game of "Survivor" like the TV show. Our teams were picked and I was with a lot of friends so it would of actually been REALLY fun if we were doing to in real life then the bell rang so we had to leave. I was really confused because I wasn't sure where to go next I think I ended up going to gym but I don't remember really. I'm not sure why I was worrying about my face at all since I didn't even have ELA today. I was walking down with one of my friends when I went up stairs after gym to my locker to go to gym  I had the trumpet lesson with him and we were about to go down the main stairs but didn't because someone spilled milk all over it. We also weren't the only ones because there was no one on the main stairs. We ran down the side stairs and it took a LONG time to get to the cafeteria. We finally got to the cafeteria and I sat down with some of my friends and it was kind of funny because the room was set up funny and I actually thought that the moved the tables around. So I was sitting and talking where the friend I was trying to make jealous in my other dream came up to me and was like "well DON'T sit with us at my table because I am trying to pretend I don't know you!". My friend at my table then asked me why he was so mad and me, I said I don't know and another guy at my table said he is really mean. After all that I finally woke up.

Additional Comments:

   Right now I have a bad fever so it sort of makes since that I dreamt about school since not much is going on. I can't hang out with my friends because I have a fever which is really annoying. I was watching a Survivor marathon which is probably why I dreamt about it. My friend is still mad at me for something I did and said why I was sorry for it but he still is really mad. I would it explain it but it would take a whole page. I had a type of dream like this last time which was kind of weird but it wasn't too much like it. Also, I don't want to give away the names of my friends because I sort of want this to be as secret as it can.

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