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Batman's Revenge

Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 295

I'm arguing with my mother. I don't remember why, but I think it may be related to my grandfather's death. The family had decided not to tell me about it even after it happened. She is surprisingly not being stubborn at all and tries to make some kind of concession for me to end the fight. I latch onto like one little thing she said in her request to end the fight and I completely lose my mind, throwing some object against the wall and yelling "screw you!!!!" or cursing in some other way. I can tell she's starting to become really sad.


I'm in another room. I start realizing what I had done and how childish and immature it was. I realize that it is night time and that my Mom is going to go to bed sad. I realize how many times I've forced her to do this in the past, how badly she wanted to end the fight, and how cruel it was to do this to her intentionally. I start feeling absolutely terrible.


The next morning I awaken and I still feel guilty. I go into the kitchen and my mother is there with my brother. She seems fine and they aren't paying much attention to me.


The next part of the dream is in the third person. There's a city that's under attack by some kind of giant. The giant is weird in that he's not incredibly monstrous in his appearance (aside from his size) - he looks kind of like "Mack" from UniLodge. He's a white, surfer/skater-ish looking guy with shaggy brown hair. He's a good looking dude. I don't remember what kind of havoc he is wreaking but I know that he has a girlfriend and I'm not sure if she's a giant too or not. 


At one point, I notice another giant appear in the city and see that he is way bigger than the first giant. In fact, the dream highlights the size difference by zooming out and showing the first giant from a distance looking not too much taller than a normal person (because of the distance zoomed out) while the second giant is like Godzilla compared to the first giant. The first giant tries to go through a fence with a lock and ends up in some desert-like area.


The first giant starts chasing something. It might be the second giant and it might also be a raptor. Batman then starts chasing the first giant. Batman is either now a giant himself or is riding some huge creature. The first giant is known to be faster than Batman, but Batman has a trick. Somehow he knows that if the first giant is chasing something else, Batman will eventually be able to catch up to him. Batman slowly starts to gain on the first giant and eventually smashes him under the foot of whatever he's riding. A narrative then occurs, saying that he moved to the side of the road to avoid "further smudging".


I'm in a group of Asian people sitting around and asking some guy questions. It seems like a seminar or some kind of presentation. And now we are on the question portion of whatever it was. One guy asks a question, and the presenter/speakers says "so basically what you're saying is that you can't really have fun without alcohol?" and the other guy says yes. I realize that many others in the crowd have this problem as well.


There is a method for studying/learning called "The Duc Method" or "The Duke Method". The slogan for it is "If you want to learn anything". I'm in the rain on my laptop trying to use The Duc Method to study. I re-angle myself a few times to avoid the rain. I then have some weird experience where I realize that the Duc Method is a real study method (though it's actually not) and I realize that I'm doing it right then and there. I think it involved "thinking around" something or "thinking in proximity" to something. I see a visualization of it, which is like a giant red sphere, with me studying next to it, and then more spheres. And then there's like an outer layer of this as well. It's very hard to describe but basically I see the whole concept converted into a visual form right in front of me.


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