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Lunch & More

Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Thursday, May 19 2011 Views: 721

I am outside the doors of my schools lunch line sitting at a table ,shaped like a bracket, with my friends shantal&lindsey&my lil bro, there is magazines&a B.T.R. C.D,&two yellow balloons on the table, shantals mom comes out of the lunch doors&we chat with her then she leaves, then lindseys mom come out of lunch doors&we chat with her then she leaves, my P.E teacher Mr.Brill appears outta no where &shantal tells him to make an app so when someone takes a picture of their inapropriate body parts it relaces it with something else, brill doesnt wana bt then he agrees. Im sitting outside library &my friend allen comes out and he asked me if i have used their wifi i say "yes, it sucks" he strongly agrees. This crazy cat started singing to one of my frenemies Madilin. I get into a fight/argument with Brante R (a senior in my leadership class) so Mr.King kicks me out of the class, we were by a pool when he kicked my out, bt we were inside a fancy building and the pool was outside so when he kicked me out i went to the pool. I was told i had anger issues so they made me play golf so i can calm down. Im walking down the street and a dog attacks me. I was driving a mini bus and each time i came to a stop the bus shrunk even more.


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