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Snakes Under The Bed

Tuesday, June 22 2010 Views: 882

In my dream, I was lying awake in my bed.  I could hear something hissing underneath me and I realized that there had to be a snake underneath my bed and that it was probably waiting for me to try to get up so that it could attack me. 

I lay there is bed, listening to that nonstop hissing.  (This hissing was, in no way, realistic.  It sounded like how you would expect a snake in a bad, low-budget horror film to sound, all overdone and evil.)

Finally, I sat up in the bed and I decided that if I jumped far enough, I'd land out of the snake's strike range and then I could make a run for it.  But, of course, I had to make sure I both jumped the right distance and that I made a perfect landing.

After a few more minutes of nonstop hissing and me trying to remain calm, I finally stood up on my bed and jumped.

And, of course, I landed right in front of the bed and, as soon as I did, I felt the snake leaping out at me and sinking his fangs into my ankle.

Needless to say, that woke me up.

Additional Comments:

There's not much else to say about this dream.  I have a phobia about snakes and when I was younger, my family lived in both Arkansas and New Mexico where it wasn't necessarily unusual for us to occasionally find a snake out in the back yard.

To be honest, the scariest thing about this dream was waking up and finding myself lying in my own bed, wondering if there actually was a snake underneath it.


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