May 3rd/4th of 2011

Date of dream: Tuesday, May 03, 2011

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In the first part of the dream, I'd gone to a gas station and my debit card was declined at the pump. I tried to run it through twice but it wouldn't work. So I put $7 in the tank from the quick pay machine. I pumped my gas and went back inside for the receipt. The cashier hands me the $7 back plus two big bundles of money. I said "what's that for?" she said "oh you made a withdrawal twice and it came out here, sorry!" I said "no I was just trying to pay for my gas" etc etc. She said "oh it's fine, don't worry!" and I was confused... I know I don't have that much money in my bank account :p I walked out.

Got in my car and drove back to an apartment complex into an apartment that I guess was mine. I was cleaning it out and kept rearranging furniture. I had this foldable shop- it looked sort of like a kids playtent but when I'd fold it up against the wall it opened up and you could get anything you wanted from it. I was redecorating the apartment because I was moving out and giving it up to my brother Geoff. I kept looking for wall space for him for this folding shop but I couldn't find any. I step outside for a minute and reluctantly say hello to these two new neighbors, middle aged women who were plump and a bit odd. I started talking to them thinking 'wow they're friendly' then realized they were giving me a sales pitch for their clothing company. One of the women gave me a black t-shirt that had a sort of abstract blurry women on a cross- it was all done in white, I said "she looks like a cross between a flaming phoenix Goddess and Jesus or something". They told me it was the right shirt for me and I didn't have to pay for it. I said thank you and took it reluctantly. I asked them if they knew about the school across the street, if the district rented out busses because I was going to start homeschooling my son in the fall (that's the real life plan too) and may want to take field trips with other homeschooled kids and their parents. They said "oh yeah". I said "will the buses fit enough kids? I might need two." One of the ladies laughed and said "two of those buses will hold 300!". Suddenly I was on the sidewalk and saw these buses coming down the street, they were soundless, very new age. To my surprise, children started filing out of them, the ladies were right, a whole small school could fit in two buses.


I noticed inside one of the buses this little boy had a tissue and was cleaning up a spot of vomit, it was his. A few kids were chuckling about it, and I said to them "come on now, everybody's had a little bit of puking in their life, don't judge." Suddenly I started to get this weird repetetive image and the dream changed. It was Denny's in Olympia (before it closed, I used to spend a lot of time there at night reading, drinking coffee and smoking, and it's where I would spend all night talking to my husband eons ago when we were just friends) and this apartment building, the same one. I was sitting in a black office chair, holding my husband on my lap like a baby. He was naked and I was stroking his leg sweetly, maternally. My mother and her friend Jen were suddenly standing there in the hallway, I guess in front of what would be our new apartment. My conscious self was going "oh man I bet mom is going to freak out about the nakedness or something", but they didn't care about that. They were not convinced our courtship had been going on for 10 plus years as much as I tried to tell them. They kept saying "you don't know him" and questioning whether I was doing the right thing. Why I had married him, etcetera etcetera. The end of the dream was just him standing in front of that Denny's, clothed :p, smoking a cigarette and looking into the sky.

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